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Your prototype website is being temporarily hosted on under the account. belongs to me, Fred Giorgi. The purpose of this is to allow my clients access to their projects while under developement. I have found that when clients can interact with a live site during development the result is a better product at the outset. Your site is in a protected subdirectory that requires login. Only you and me can see the content.   If you are a client of mine and you are looking at this site you should have received a username and password via email or phone.  If you loose it, feel free to call me.

You will find that some features you requested are not yet completed in the prototype. I do not update it everyday. Some links may lead to dead ends or "stubs" especially for social networking connections.  Moreover I attempt to keep web robots and other lookie-loos out until we are done. Please do not expect a prototype to be complete. You can always ask questions, email or phone, while you view it live.

The prototype will be removed from CyberMantis .net site when the final product goes live on the hosting provider of your choice.


 Fred Giorgi